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Trevor Ford has been a wrongful death lawyer in Calgary for over 32 years.

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Trevor Ford has been representing the families and loved ones of wrongful death victims in Calgary for over 32 years.

Accidents that result in the death of a person caused by a wrongful act, neglect, or default are governed by the Fatal Accidents Act of Alberta. The act allows a legal action to be brought to recover damages for the benefit of certain family members. If the deceased died leaving persons who relied upon them for financial support, a claim for dependency can also be made.  For example, if the deceased had a wife and/or child, a dependency award can provide for their support in the future. The act also allows claims for funeral expenses, counselling and related costs. Damages for bereavement are allowed to the spouse, adult interdependent partner, parents, and children of the deceased.

Wrongful Death Lawyer – Calgary
32 years of wrongful death legal experience
Fatal Accident Law
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*Trevor Ford represents wrongful death cases on a contingency fee basis,
which means you pay no fees until the case is resolved.

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In some fatal accidents, the family is too distraught to recognize or deal with issues relating to a legal claim for damages. They may not understand the importance of seeking legal advice to determine whether there is a case for damages arising from the wrongful death. Trevor will provide a free initial consultation, which is usually sufficient to determine if there is a viable case. If there are reasonable grounds for a case Trevor will represent the family on a contingent fee basis, meaning his fee will be paid only in the event of a successful outcome. 

There are many different examples of fatal accidents that are caused by negligent acts. The most common types of fatal accidents include motor vehicle accidents, workplace accidents, falls, and medical malpractice.

MVA – Wrongful Death

Motor vehicle accidents that result in death often involve the elements of alcohol and excessive speed. The victim may be one of the drivers, a passenger or a pedestrian. It is important to contact Trevor Ford as soon as possible to ensure that witness statements and other evidence are preserved. In more complex cases an accident reconstruction engineer may be retained to explain how an accident took place and strengthen your position in negotiations or court.

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Workplace Fatalities  – Wrongful Death

If a workplace accident results in death, the victim may have a right of action against the wrongdoer. This is a complex area requiring competent legal advice. Family members or loved ones of the victim of a workplace fatal accident should contact Trevor Ford as soon as possible.

Falls that result in death could be due to improper maintenance of a property, faulty construction, or simply, carelessness. Whatever the cause it is important to contact Trevor Ford for an initial consultation.

Medical Malpractice – Wrongful Death

Fatalities resulting from medical malpractice are very complex and require experienced and competent legal counsel. Trevor Ford has represented the victims of medical malpractice for 32 years and he will guide you through this difficult area of law.

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Claims under the Fatal Accidents Act must be commenced within two years from the date of death. Failure to commence an action in time may be fatal to your case. Different considerations may arise in each case and it is important to get competent legal advice from Trevor Ford regarding the specific limitation in your case. For example, limitation dates can vary if the claimant is a minor or a dependent adult.

Trevor is familiar with the sense of despair that families suffer as a result of the loss of a loved one. He has compassionately represented families at the most traumatic times in their lives.

Common Wrongful Death Case Questions:

How is a dependency claim calculated?

A dependency claim is calculated by determining the amount of support that the deceased would have provided for their dependents during their lifetime. For example, children would normally be entitled to claim the loss of dependency on a parent until they reach the age of 18. However, if the deceased had always intended to pay for their children’s education the dependency claim can include this. 

What happens if the deceased had little to no income?

If it can be established that the deceased had a reasonable chance of earning an income during his lifetime a claim for loss of dependency can still be made.

Can I still make a claim if the deceased was partially at fault?

If more than one person is at fault in a fatal accident there will be an apportionment of blame based on comparative blameworthiness and damages will be awarded accordingly. 

What is the time limitation for making a claim in a fatal accident?

In Alberta, fatal accident claims must be commenced within two years from the date of death. Different considerations may arise in the case of a claimant who is a minor or a dependent adult. Failure to file within the appropriate limitation period will result in your claim being statute barred. 

Wrongful Death Lawyer – Calgary
32 years of wrongful death legal experience
Fatal Accident Law
Calgary Personal Injury Lawyer – free consultations

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