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medical negligence lawyer calgary trevor fordTrevor Ford has been a medical negligence lawyer in Calgary for over 32 years.  

Medical Negligence law is a highly specialized area of law and requires knowledge and expertise in case selection and the medical field  When an injury is suffered as a result of a medical procedure or treatment, timely legal advice is essential.  Typically, a family member will contact Trevor having a suspicion that a particular medical procedure, such as surgery, or a baby delivery, was in some way responsible for an adverse outcome. Trevor can provide an initial free telephone consultation to determine if the case merits further investigation.  

Medical Negligence Lawyer – Calgary
32 years of personal injury law experience
Calgary Medical Malpractice Lawyer – free consultations

The investigation process consists of the following steps:

  • meeting with the client to gather factual information, and preparing an initial chronology of  events; 
  • requesting all relevant medical records;
  • a review of medical information to determine the issues and nature of the expert medical witness(es) that will be required; 
  • sourcing an expert in the field(s) of medicine in which an opinion is required;
  • communicating with expert(s) until a report is received;

Once an expert opinion is received, Trevor will discuss the opinion and the strengths and weaknesses of your case with you. In a medical negligence action, the claimant or plaintiff must establish on the balance of probabilities that the doctor and/or hospital fell below the appropriate standard of care required in the circumstances. The costs associated with hiring an expert witness and the related investigation are paid by the client. If the expert opinion supports a finding of negligence Trevor will normally consider taking the case on a percentage basis or contingency fee agreement.

Trevor covers disbursements upfront in most medical malpractice cases.  Each case requires review and discussion with the client to establish merit, risk, feasibility, etc., prior to proceeding. It is recommended that you contact Trevor for an initial free telephone consultation to determine whether your case merits proceeding with an investigation.

Medical negligence law should not be handled by counsel without experience in this area. Trevor Ford has 29 years experience representing clients in Calgary medical negligence law cases, and his advice will put your mind at ease. 

The time limits for commencing a medical negligence action are highly dependent on the facts in each case. If you suspect that you or a loved one have suffered from injury or death resulting from medical negligence you should contact Trevor immediately for advice in this area. 

Common Questions: 

If I sue my doctor will I have problems receiving medical treatment in the future?

The medical profession is a self-regulating body. Most doctors understand that there are legitimate cases of malpractice and they are even required by their Code of Conduct to report unprofessional conduct by other doctors. Essentially, doctors have a duty to ensure that you receive proper medical treatment if it is required. If a conflict of interest arises it may be necessary to refer you to another doctor.  

What happens to a doctor when he/she is sued?

Doctors pay annual membership fees to the Canadian Medical Protective Association which provides them with medical liability insurance. The CMPA provides doctors with a legal defence, liability protection, and provides compensation to victims and families who can prove they are the victims of negligent medical care. Unlike most insurance policies, the CMPA does not have a predefined limit on the amount that is available for compensation.

Is it hard to get a doctor to testify against another doctor in court?

Doctors do not have to agree to provide an opinion in a medical malpractice case. Typically, we will try to retain an expert witness from outside of Calgary, in most cases from another province, so there is no conflict of interest. Finding the right expert is crucial to the success of the case.

What are my chances of succeeding against the medical system?

The success or failure of every medical negligence case is dependent on the facts and the validity of the expert witness opinions. Trevor will evaluate your case and provide a professional legal opinion regarding the strengths and weaknesses at each stage of the proceeding. 

What is the time limitation for filing a medical negligence lawsuit in Calgary?

The Limitation Act of Alberta requires a proceeding to be commenced within two years from the date on which the claim was discovered. It is strongly recommended that you consult an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for an opinion on the limitation date for your case. Failure to file in time will result in your claim being statute barred.

Medical Negligence Lawyer – Calgary
32 years of personal injury law experience
Calgary Medical Malpractice Lawyer – free consultations

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